In order to participate in the excursion, it is necessary to read (and accept at the time of booking) the rules of conduct established by the organizer Team Bergeggi Outdoor.

Reservation is always required. The excursions will take place with a minimum number of 6 participants.
To participate in the excursion it is necessary to know how to swim and enjoy physical conditions suitable for moderate effort

All participants must arrive punctually with respect to the communicated time, as these are group excursions it will not be possible to wait for latecomers.

People with children have priority for the use of double canoes.
The Team Leader may at any time, in order to protect the safety of each of the participants, modify the excursion program in a substantial way without this in any case leading to disputes among the participants.
This could happen both before the excursion begins and also during its development, for example, due to changed marine weather conditions, no longer favorable, or following the discomfort of a participant, and in any other case in which in his opinion it will be It is necessary to make changes to the course of the excursion.

During the excursion the participant:

  • it is compulsory to wear a life jacket (buoyancy aid) for the entire duration of the excursion
  • is required to follow the rules and instructions provided by the Team Leader and by his / her potential collaborator / s. An initial briefing will be held in which the kayaking technique will be explained, the rules to follow during the excursion and the path that will be followed
  • is required to use the equipment diligently according to the regulations and indications of the Team Leader and accompanying person, relieving the organizers from any liability for damage to things or people resulting from the use of the aforementioned equipment. The equipment, at the end of the excursion, must be returned in the state in which they were delivered
  • and is required to observe the rules of respect for the environment and for the Marine Protected Area in which the excursion takes place.

Anyone who does not comply with the regulations established by the Bergeggi Outdoor Team will exonerate the team members and the organization itself from any responsibility. In particular, those who leave the group or carry out potentially dangerous actions towards themselves or others, after explicit warning by the accompanying persons, will be expelled from the excursion and will cease all responsibility towards them.