Those who have forgotten to bring their own surgical or washable mask in accordance with the law (or demonstrate not to use it correctly) and those who do not sanitize their hands at the time of meeting on the beach using the sanitizing gel, provided by the organization, will not be admitted to the tour

During the itinerary:

  • participants will be required to maintain an interpersonal distance of at least 2 meters between people not belonging to the same cohabiting family unit;
  • the mask must be worn during all operations on land, while at sea it must be ready, close at hand, and used at all times when requested by the guide. The mask must be worn when it is not possible to maintain (even temporarily) the safety distance and when you should cough or sneeze. If the guide approaches someone, both must wear a mask if possible;
  • each participant will be assigned a numbered kayak, a paddle and a life jacket, all previously sanitized. During the excursion it will be forbidden to exchange kayaks, equipment or other objects of any kind;
  • the equipment will be returned at the end of the excursion in the state in which it was delivered and will be used with diligence according to the methods indicated by the guide, relieving the organization of any responsibility for damage to things or persons resulting from the use of the aforementioned equipment;
  • the help that the guide can provide to a participant (with the consequent approach to less than one meter / physical contact) is undoubtedly part of the rescue to people which is one of the tasks of a qualified operator, regardless of the consideration that it is a consequence of an accident that has already occurred or is reasonable to assume that it is about to occur: therefore, at the request of the customer, spontaneous or suggested by the guide, the help provided by the guide must be considered a lawful manoeuvre, although obviously to be limited only to strictly necessary cases.

The organizers will keep the list of participants. The same will be completed in compliance with the privacy criteria. In the event that, in the days following the excursion, the manifestation of positivity to COVID-19 occurs in one of the participants, the sensitive data will be delivered to the competent authorities who request it for the sole purpose of traceability.