Rules of conduct (antiCOVID on the boat)

The Decalogue suggests a set of recommendations and indications to operate in full
compliance with measures to combat and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The
new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is a respiratory virus that mainly spreads
through contact with the breath droplets of infected people, for example when
they sneeze, cough or blows their nose. The correct personal hygiene measures
include: wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, keep your distance, avoid contact
direct with other people, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.

Access on board must be allowed only to individuals with proven track record
negativity to COVID-19. If people do not belong to the same household,
must declare that they are not in conditions of potential risk through self-certification
(HEALTH DECLARATION) which must be shown for any checks. embarkation
must take place exclusively in respect of interpersonal distances and with the use of
individual protective devices. Before boarding the temperature will be measured (maximum allowed 37.5 °). The limits of interpersonal distances can only be waived
if there are members of the same family on board. While the boat is in
movement all passengers must wear a mask. Among the safety features, it is an anti-COVID kit is present, containing masks, gloves and a sanitizing dispenser. IS’
strongly recommended the use of the anti-fog spray for the mask. Access to the cabins is
allowed only with the authorization of the staff. It is also forbidden to access the cabin of the commander.

The on-board toilet must be used with a suitable time interval for ventilation
and the sanitation of the environment by the staff through products designed to neutralize the virus without causing irritation to the respiratory system) based on sodium hypochlorite (Bleach 0.1% ). Before logging in, ask the staff for authorization and wear a mask and gloves.

It is necessary to keep a distance of at least 1 meter from other people. The distances
on the seats they are identified with special stickers. It is mandatory to have one sanitizing gel mask and a pair of spare gloves. It is also mandatory to have a container/bag waterproof for gloves and masks. It is mandatory to safely transport masks, snorkel and second stages of the regulators, protecting them with bags to be removed only before of use (spare bags are required for repetitive dives). During the
preparation for the dive, the diver must wear his own equipment independently.
During assembly and disassembly, sanitize your hands before touching the tap
of the cylinders and the attack of the first stage. A waterproof bag is strongly recommended (plastic bags) for clothing. Sanitized personal equipment must be kept
in the boxes or in the bags. Avoid embarking unnecessary materials. For entry into the water, each diver must comply with the provisions of the captain or guide.

Sanitation is provided for all rental equipment. During the surface interval,
between the two dives, both for rental and personal equipment, it will be necessary
the affixing from time to time of a disposable bag nylon seal on-air sources
the regulator, on the mask and on the snorkel/snorkel. For sanitizing the equipment
personal replacement of the mouthpiece is not enough but it is necessary in any case
to disinfect all the components of the dispenser. For sanitization, it is suggested to follow the DAN recommendations in the version updated to 6 May 2020.