ProLoco Association of Bergeggi


The ProLoco Association of Bergeggi’s aim is to incentive the touristic, cultural and social  development of  Bergeggi.
This activity takes place through:

  • Area promotion
  • event organization (cultural events, sports, entertainment etc…)
  • information and tourist accommodation.



The village of Bergeggi, located on the slopes of Monte Sant’Elena and founded by Pre-roman Ligurian tribes, dominates the stretch of coast from Capo Vado to Punta Maiolo.
The village, where houses have typical terrace roofs is surrounded by chestnut trees, olive trees and vineyards, Narrow lanes lead downhill to the beach. A holiday resort with a lot to offer ranging from nature to culture.

Bergeggi is ideal for practicing all sorts of sports in perfect harmony with nature, e.g. Hangliding, paragliding, beach volley, canoeing, windsurfing and diving.
The beautiful isle of Bergeggi, a rock covered in green vegetation, is directly in front of the promontory.
First the Romans lived there, then it became the dwelling of monks from the IV to X Centuries. The ruins of two churches and a medieval tower are still visible today.
The campanula Sabatia, a plant found only in western Liguria, thrives and the Euforbia arborea, whose leaves fall in summer to appear again in winter, grow on the island.