Visits to the cave are suspended indefinitely

In 1870, some workers, working on the construction of the Savona-Ventimiglia railway line, were witness to one of the most spectacular effects of the ever-lasting contest between water and rock.

They were digging the tunnel under the inhabited area of Bergeggi, and had been noticing some anomalies – water leakage, presence of particular crystalline concretions – when, suddenly, a rock wall collapsed and a passage opened.
It was a completely unknown cave and, because it was hidden inside the promontory of Bergeggi, it had never been seen by man before.
Once again nature revealed its magnifience and was able to amaze man.
Since then the cave has had to come to terms with the often inconvenient presence of man.
Its original appearance was soon altered.
Around 1970, the railway line was moved uphill, a new tunnel was dug under Mount Mao, and the incredible roaring, smoke and lights of running trains were replaced by today’s darkness and silence.
Nature can thus regain control over its spaces, even the railway tunnel turns into a cave, and man becomes a spectator and not just an invader.

Opening times:

July – August: Thursday and Saturday afternoon  – Wednesday evening

Other periods
on Saturday at 4.00 p.m.
Closed from December – February

Meeting point: Via Aurelia at the newsagent’s kiosk of Torre del Mare
Excursions last approx. 90 minutes

Necessary equipment
closed shoes with rubber sole, proper clothing for an inside temperature of about 15°C

Ticket Prices:
Full ticket: € 8,00
Concessions (people over 65, children aged 5 – 10 and residents): € 6,00
School groups : € 4,00

Booking required:


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